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Challenger Deals

Click on the links below to download deals that will challenge your card playing ability.
Use SAYC bidding.

(See the instructions for loading the hands into the Bridge Coach.)





After the hand is dealt, your cards are displayed in the usual "bridge column" format. You use the bidding box to make your bids, and the bids made by each of the players are displayed on the corresponding side of the table.

At any time, including during both the bidding and the play, you can "review the bidding" by bringing up the bid explanation screen. It lists each bid made and, for the bids made by the computer, an explanation of what the bid means. (You will have to explain your own bids.)

When the bidding is complete, you press the "Play" button to start the play of the hand. Your hand and the dummy are displayed as cards face up around the table, and the other two hands have their cards face down (unless you elect to play double dummy). You play a card by simply dragging and dropping it on the table.

Before you start, you should select the bidding system you want to use in the Bidding Preferences screen. You can change the bidding system any time you want, altough if you change in the middle of bidding, the bidding will start over from the beginning.

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